Are you at risk for kidney cancer or melanoma?

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Today is World Cancer Day. It is also the first anniversary of My CancerIQ. Cancer Care Ontario has introduced two new cancers to its online cancer risk assessment tool. Now, in addition to breast, cervical, colorectal and lung cancer, you can assess your risk for developing kidney cancer and melanoma at

Based on data from the *Ontario Cancer Registry, the incidence of melanoma in the South West region of Ontario is significantly above the provincial average, while the incidence for kidney cancer is just below the provincial average (but is expected to increase).

Since the launch of My CancerIQ in early 2015, more than 146,000 Ontarians have learned about their cancer risk and how to lower it. With these new additions, Cancer Care Ontario wants to help Ontarians better understand kidney cancer and melanoma and how to reduce their risk. It is more important than ever for Ontarians to think about reducing their risk of these cancers, as incidence rates for both are rising in Ontario. It is estimated that as many as half of all cancers in Ontario could be prevented by eliminating known risk factors.

How can you reduce your risk?

To reduce the risk of kidney cancer, you are encouraged to maintain a healthy blood pressure and weight and avoid smoking. To reduce the risk of melanoma, enjoy the sun safely, avoid tanning equipment, and know your skin so you can recognize changes or the need for a skin examination. There are a lot of myths about melanoma, especially with regard to tanning beds. Click here to learn more, or speak to your healthcare provider.

Get started today.

Learn more about your risk of developing cancer. Visit, complete your free cancer risk assessments, get personalized action plans, and share and discuss your plans with your family and healthcare provider. My CancerIQ is accessible from a smartphone, tablet or desktop.



*Age-standardized incidence rates for melanoma and kidney cancer, by LHIN, 2011-2012.
Canadian Cancer Society