Care Close to Home: Bob's Story

Bob McDowall share his story from his home near Owen Sound, ON.
Monday, January 26, 2015

There had been no history of cancer in his family, so when Bob was told that he had lesions on his liver and cancer in his colon, he was shocked.

Bob and his wife retired to Grey Bruce county several years ago and are thankful for the cancer services available to them in the Owen Sound area. Care close to home means Bob's wife can accompany him to chemotherapy treatments for support. "The chemo room is a surprisingly pleasant environment," says Bob. "The staff is wonderful. They get to know you, your interests, and your family." For Bob, care close to home means excellent and complete care. Watch as Bob shares his story:

When it comes to cancer care you have options. The South West Regional Cancer Program has launched a regional campaign to promote cancer care close to home when possible. Care close to home offers many advantages for patients, including having family and friends close by for support and a reduction (or elimination) in travel time. The benefit of having skilled care professionals throughout the region brings expert care into smaller communities. Patients and their families are encouraged to ask their doctor about cancer care options close to home.

We invite you to meet others, like Bob, from across the region and watch as they share their experiences of care close to home.

Bob - Owen Sound, ON
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Pamela – Palmerston, ON
Tom & Mary Lou – Strathroy, ON 
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There are a number of hospitals in the South West region that provide cancer care, including surgery and chemotherapy. Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about options available in your community.

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