Care Close to Home: Rae Ann's Story

Monday, April 7, 2014

When Rae Ann first felt a lump, time stood still. She didn't want it to be real. A diagnosis of cancer, and the emotions that followed were scary.

Fortunately, Rae Ann found solace and comfort in her care team at the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital. It was her husband who urged Rae Ann to consider treatment in their local community hospital. "From the minute I walked into the hospital in St. Thomas, everyone was so caring and so wonderful," says Rae Ann. "I have no anxiety on treatment day because of the trust I have in my doctor and nurse."

 Watch as Rae Ann shares her story, and describes how care close to home has made all the difference for her. 

When it comes to cancer surgery you have options. The South West Regional Cancer Program has launched a regional campaign to promote cancer care close to home when possible. Care close to home offers many advantages for patients, including having family and friends close by for support and a reduction (or elimination) in travel time. The benefit of having skilled surgeons throughout the region brings expert care into smaller communities. Patients and their families are encouraged to ask their doctor about cancer surgery options close to home.

We invite you to meet survivors, like Rae Ann, from across the region and watch as they share their experiences of care close to home.
Rae Ann - St. Thomas, ON
Preston Harris - Cottam, ON
Joan Garrett - Woodstock, ON
Pamela Baarda – Palmerston, ON
Tom & Mary Lou Moore – Strathroy, ON
John & Suzie Wensley – Clarksburg, ON
Where is cancer surgery available in the South West region?

Recognizing that not all cancer surgeries are possible at every hospital, it may be a viable option in your community. Some of the hospitals that perform cancer surgery include: 

 Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about options available in your community.