South West Regional Cancer Program Community of Practice Rounds 

The South West Regional Cancer Program's Community of Practice Rounds were created in an effort to unite regional cancer care providers, address problems, and expland knowledge through information sharing and ongoing interaction. Please click on the following links to access relevant archived videos. 


Bendamustine / Abraxane - New Kids on the Block

March 24, 2015
Learning Objectives:

1. Review updates in the Bendamustine regimen
2. Review updates in premedications with Rituxan administration
3. Review Abraxane

Bendamustine 101
January 27, 2015

Learning Objectives:

1. To review new treatment options for management of CLL/iNHL patients
2. To develop an action plan to manage potential adverse events and optimize patient outcomes
3. To discuss pharmacy considerations when dispensing Bendamustine


The Science and Art of Stem Cell Transplant
January 28, 2014

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the purpose of stem cell transplant
  2. Understand the process of stem cell transplant

Treatment With Alemtuzumab
January 14, 2014

Learning Objectives:

  1. To provide an overview of Alemtuzumab and its use in cancer treatments
  2. To review the treatment regimen and administration guidelines

Let’s Play Antiemetic Jeopardy 
September 24, 2013

Learning Objectives:

  1. To review the antiemetic potential of regimens and the antiemetic classifications
  2. To review guidelines for antiemetics agents (NCCN, MASSC, ASCO)
  3. To see where the newer agents (Palonosetron/Olanzepine) fit in
Oral Chemotherapy

Visit the Oral Chemotherapy page for more information about oral chemotherapy as a treatment option.