Systemic Therapy Improvement Project

The Systemic Therapy Improvement Project (STIP) is a comprehensive review of processes and practices within the South West Regional Cancer Program, with reach into the Erie St. Clair and Waterloo Wellington areas. The goal of the project is to enable health service providers to collaborate, innovate, and deliver planning and implementation strategies to meet the systemic therapy needs now and into the future. This work is aligned with Health Quality Ontario’s mission - to drive a culture of quality throughout Ontario’s health care system.

Keeping In "STIP" Newsletter

"Keeping in STIP" is a regular update on the Systemic Therapy Improvement Project. This ongoing communication highlights project status, workstream specific updates, challenges, and triumphs. 

July 2015 edition 
August 2015 edition
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December 2015 edition
February 2016 edition

Patient Engagement 

The patient’s voice is critical to the success of this project. In order to learn about the experiences of patients who are receiving chemotherapy treatment at our satellite sites, we are hosting focus groups across the region. The feedback received will help us to better understand how we can improve the patient experience and also to identify gaps. Click here to view the focus group questions. 

Level 4 Regimens 

Click here to veiw a list of approved chemotherapy regimens for Level 4 sites.