Mobilizing Newcomers & Immigrants to Cancer Screening

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In June 2011, four local health service organizations received funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada to develop, deliver and evaluate an evidence-based cancer prevention and screening service delivery model targeted to newcomer and immigrant under/never screened populations in London.

Representatives from the South West Regional Cancer Program, Canadian Cancer Society of Elgin-Middlesex, London Intercommunity Health Centre, and Middlesex-London Health Unit worked collaboratively to identify and reduce barriers that limit access to cancer screening information and services for the identified populations.

The team developed the following education modules, cultural competency knowledge exchange tools and resources:

Project Overview

  1. Project Activities
  2. Peer Health Educator Recruitment and Training
  3. Phase 1,2,3 Process Flow
  4. Phase 1 Focus Group Components
  5. Phase 2 Focus Group Components
  6. Phase 2 to 3 Process Flow
  7. Phase 3 Education Workshops and Access to Cancer Screening 
  8. Cultural competency ABCDE model 
  9. Project toolkit - English
  10. Project toolkit - French 

Peer Health Educator (PHE) Recruitment 

  1. PHE Job Description
  2. PHE Interview Questions

PHE Training

  1. ICS Training- Cancer Overview Slide Deck 
  2. ICS Training - Cancer Prevention Slide Deck 
  3. ICS Training - Breast Cancer Screening Slide Deck 
  4. ICS Training - Cervical Cancer Screening Slide Deck
  5. ICS Training - Colorectal Cancer Screening Slide Deck
  6. Focus Group Planning Slide Deck
  7. Focus Group Facilitator Training Slide Deck
  8. Focus Group Facilitation Manual
  9. Using Probes and Asking Clarifying Questions
  10. Focus Group Invitation Script
  11. Focus Group Ground Rules
  12. Focus Group Debriefing Guide 

Phase 1 Focus Group - 
Understanding Knowledge and Barriers 

  1. Phase 1 Focus Group Introduction Script 
  2. Phase 1 Focus Group Informed Consent
  3. Phase 1 Focus Group Check List 
  4. Phase 1 Focus Group Questions to Understand Knowledge and Barriers 

Phase 2 Focus Group-
Testing Education Modules and Materials

  1. Phase 2 Focus Group Informed Consent
  2. Phase 2 Focus Group Checklist
  3. Arabic Cancer Prevention Education Modules
  4. Nepalese Cancer Prevention Education Modules
  5. Spanish Cancer Prevention Education Modules
  6. Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Education Modules
  7. Colorectal Cancer Screening Education Modules
  8. Phase 2 Focus Group Pre-Evaluation Form
  9. Phase 2 Focus Group Introduction Script
  10. Phase 2 Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Presentation Post Evaluation Form
  11. Phase 2 Colorectal Cancer Screening Presentation Post Evaluation Form 
  12. "How to Reduce Your Cancer Risk" Form"
  13. "Getting Started FOBT Instructional Brochure"
  14. Video Informed Consent
  15. Testimonial Video URL Links on YouTube

Phase 3 - Implementation 

  1. Phase 3 Workshop Informed Consent
  2. Phase 3 Workshop checklist
  3. Phase 3 Workshop Agenda
  4. Phase 3 Breast and Cervical Screening Workshop Evaluation 
  5. Phase 3 Colorectal Screening Workshop Evaluation
  6. Volunteer Training Slide Deck  
  7. Phase 3 Workshop Volunteer Responsibility Form 
  8. Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Appointment Form

Cultural Competency Knowledge Transfer Education 

  1. Cultural Competency Slide Deck
  2. Cultural Competency Case Studies
  3. Cultural Competency ABCDE Model
  4. Health Care Provider Cultural Competency Multi Language Poster 

Helpful Links 

Settlement.Org provides newcomers with information that helps them settle in Ontario. Below are a list of resources related to cancer prevention and screening:
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